A Beginners Guide to Planning a Wedding

You might have now taken the jump and said you to his marriage proposal. You aren’t excited but they have some trepidation about the next measure. Embarking on wedding arrangements can be a difficult experience. But don’t be anxious there is help at hand. This beginner’s tips for wedding planning will give you a good starting point for planning the biggest celebration in your life. wedding blog

The First step is to consider the particular date. Do you want an autumn wedding or do you choose to symbolism of a springtime celebration. Whatever you choose you need allowing yourself enough time to book your locations as most an arranged months in advance.

The budget is the next thing in planning your wedding. Simply how much you are willing to spend will determine the sort of wedding you will. Big or small. Extravagant or sicmple. A fully catered event or a cocktail get together. To put price range jointly you should estimate the price of everything and then try to stick to your budget. Make sure you expectations and budget are realistic.

Research suppliers and vendors you think you might use for your wedding. Below is a suggested checklist with duration bound timelines.


– Mention your engagement to family, and then friends
– Make a decision after a budget and list who will pay for what
– Determine wedding style and degree of formality of wedding event
– Meet with clergy. Request pre-marital guidance or classes suggested by clergy
– Select wedding site (have alternative plan if wedding is kept outside)
– Select response site (have alternative plan if wedding is kept outside)
– Set particular date and moments of wedding and reception

Note: You must coordinate your wedding site, reception site, particular date and moments of wedding, budget and scale the wedding before any other definite plans can be made

– Both households get started to compile visitor lists. (Set a particular date for final times. )
– Produce a record-keeping system for all wedding details, contracts, etc.
– Develop a record-keeping system for guests, invitations, items, and thank-you notes


– Select coloring scheme and wedding theme
– Select photographer/ videographer
– Select music for ceremony
– Select response entertainment
– Select florist
– Select limousine service or other transportation
– Select caterer (if not provided by reception site)
– Select and order wedding pastry
– Select your attendants including bridesmaid and groomsmen.
– Store for your gown, veil, headpiece, jewellery and accessories