Affiliate Marketing – How to Do URL Forwarding at NameCheap

Should you write articles for Amazines. com for affiliate marketing, here’s how to make your new domain name in your resource package send you to your affiliate link. Namecheap

If You Need a New Brand

Make use of a good niche keyword key phrase related to the product or service you’re an affiliate for. Avoid the use of the exact name. You want something similar. For example, for anyone who is an affiliate for NameCheap, you may buy a domain name like cheapdomainname. com or domainnamesforless. junto de. If the name you want is already considered, you might add the word now: cheapdomainnamenow. junto de.

If You Can’t Obtain a. com Term

Choose. info or. org or. biz. Most of those cost less and work equally well for your internet marketer link. Once you’ve paid for your new domain, you can do your URL forwarding. 

When Most likely Logged in at NameCheap. com

Click on “Manage Domains” under “My Consideration. ” If you have more than one site name, you’ll see a set of them. Place a check mark in the in front of your new domain name. You can taken to a new page. That you write in the cue section sidebar, under “Host Management” click “URL Forwarding. inches

Right now you’ll see two vacant boxes under IP ADDRESS/URL

One has @ in front of it, the other has www in front of it. Set your affiliate link into both of these boxes, either by copying and pasting, or by typing it without errors.

Go to the other two boxes on the right under RECORD TYPE

Click during these boxes and select “URL Redirect” from the set of options. Ignore the last two boxes. Click on the “Save Changes” button.

Test out your Hyperlink

Type your new website name into a browser address bar, hit Enter and discover if you land on the sales page for your affiliate product. Do it work? You’re good to go!

Now Create Your First Article

Make use of a good keyword term for the product in your title and in the first and previous sentence or paragraph. Offer your reader a good tip or maybe more how they can start solving their problem. Maintain one back so might stay hungry and keep reading.