All About Cholesterol

Should you really know what cholesterol means and just how it influences your health, then you will be better equipped to find ways to lessen the levels of cholesterol in your blood. It is important for the normal working of your body that your cholesterol levels remain in check at all times. Cholesterol is a lipid that is present in the outer covering of all the cells in the body and has a lot of functions. It is the key sterol that is synthesized by animals, it is transferred through the blood of every animal via blood vessels cells. In Greek, ‘chole’ means bile and ‘steros’ means solid or rigid. cholesterol meaning

Cholesterol also carries away a number of important functions in the individual body, for example it helps in maintaining and building cell membranes. A number of the other important functions include prevention of crystallization of hydrocarbons, it helps in the production of certain hormones and provides efficiency for the nerve fibres, cholesterol also helps in the production of fiel and is necessary for the metabolism of some fat soluble A, G and E vitamins. 

Several other conditions are briefly described below:

LDL: This is known as the bad bad cholesterol. The chance of arterial diseases increases many folds over when the LDL level is too high. Mainly, human blood contains 70 percent LDL. It may fluctuate from individual to specific. But the LDL levels should be maintained around 70%.
HDL: Is the ‘good’ cholesterol. It will take the cholesterol away from body cells to the liver.

Triglycerides: These are the fat bodies present in the blood. In the event that the food we ingest is not used immediately, it is converted into triglycerides and stored under the skin as extra fat. In case of disasters when the foodstuff intake of the body is low, this fat is altered into energy and used.

Cholesterol level is assessed by using a hypercholesteria test.

Less than two hundred mg/dl – Normal
Among 200 to 239 mg/dl – Borderline High
240 mg/dl – High Risk
A cholesterol test is recommended for each and every adult above the age of 20 or so, at an interval of five years. Your doctor may suggest a test if any predisposed condition is present.

High lipid disorders symptoms may well not be determined by touch or eyesight. For anyone who is suffering from arthrosclerosis, some of the high cholesterol symptoms may be revealed. These may include narrowing of coronary arterial blood vessels, pain in the lower leg while exercising, blood clots, ruptured plaques and xanthomas. Any damage to the heart muscle can cause heart failure. The doctors might prescribe some drugs to reduce cholesterol. That they may also suggest some life style changes. Presently there are many online health portals that give great insight on what bad cholesterol is and how to lower cholesterol levels. Thus, reduce intake of congestive heart failure foods and stay healthy.