An Overview Of Real Estate For Sale In Arraial D’Ajuda

Should you be looking for real estate in a quiet and peaceful village atmosphere, not many places in Bahia can come near Arraial d’Ajuda. This village on the discovery coast is situated on a cliff which overlooks some of the best beaches in the area. The lovely atmosphere attracts a lot of tourists and the well-off population from Brazil as well as other countries. There may be plenty of real estate for sale in Arraial d’Ajuda with a variety of options.

Despite the small town charm, the town is near metropolis of Banchina Seguro which includes an international airport. It has all the characteristics of a traditional village with traditional houses, charming outlets, hotels and little streets hooking up the town center to the other places. sites in bangalore

Property Options In Arraial d’Ajuda – Overview

If you are planning to buy a home in Arraial, the choice consists mainly of traditional houses in peaceful localities amidst a lot of greenery. Most contains will have a nice setting with at least a tiny garden, but many have well-developed green areas with exotic plants, fresh fruit trees and other crops. Apartments are available too, nonetheless they are fewer in amount when compared to homes. 

You will find farmhouses on huge plots of land. A lot of them have wooded areas and several even have a forest cover.

Pertaining to those who prefer to construct, land is also available with plenty of choices in both small and large plots.

Apartments rentals

The cost of apartments starts from about R$250, 000. You can find apartments from one to three sleeping rooms, meaning about 75 to 175 sq. meters of piled up area. One or more of the facilities that are typically seen in good condominiums like car parking, gym, play area, garden or garden, pool and security will be available.

The construction of apartments rentals is usually of good quality, especially in the newer buildings. Like all real estate for sales in Arraial, apartment complexes are usually positioned in nice places in the small town or near to the beach.


Houses make up the bulk of the residential real property offerings in Arraial. Rates could range from about R$200, 000 to R$5, 500, 000. An average house should cost you about R$1, 107, three hundred.

The low end of the range involves properties below R$500, 000. Actually at this price, excellent houses can be found. They are well located nearby the village center or nearby the beach and some are in nice apartments with several common facilities. These houses are built on plots of about 400 to 650 sq. meters depending on price and the built-up area amounts from 100 to 2 hundred sq. meters.

From this range, you will get two or three bedroom residences with one or two suites, a garden, pool and facilities like spa. Sometimes there is a guest house or a smaller house in association with the key one on the same plot.

Middle range houses cost between R$500, 000 to R$1, 000, 000. They are usually situated in very attractive locations. You will find both standalone houses and others that are part of gated communities with common facilities.

Quite a few of the are in the town, near the beach or near to the ferry. Many houses in this range have a sea view. You can expect and building plots of 400 to 2k sq. meters with regards to the location and about 180 to 400 sq. meters of constructed area. They may have three or four bedrooms with several rooms.

Each house in the mid range will have some advantage that not one of the others will provide. A black area is usually available either as a storyline with fruit trees or as a landscaped garden. Other items that you can look for are photo voltaic heating, employee quarters and water storage facilities.