Associate Attorney Employment Agreement

Many law businesses that are made from more than one person are placed up as a chain of command with Partners at the top and varying numbers of Associate Attorneys below them. Partners are generally the owners of the business and Associates are employees. The Associates are often given the possibility to work their way the steps to become Partners and promote in the income of the firm rather than just acquiring wages. attorney

That is important to have a written contract or contract between the Acquaintances and the Firm that spells out everyone’s tasks and obligations as well as the conditions under that they can may advance. The following is a condensation contract between a co-employee and a law company that can be custom-made to meet the needs of a law organization hiring an Associate Legal professional. 

This AGREEMENT made of this 21st day of March, 2011, involving the Legislation Offices of at Cruz, herein referred to as the “Firm” and May well Blow, hereinafter referred to as the “Attorney. very well


The Firm is a Sole Proprietorship, functioning as a business copy legal services. If, throughout the term of this deal, the Firm changes to another form of business organization, this contract will continue to be executed on both the Organization, under it’s new creation, and on the Lawyer.

The Attorney is accredited to practice law in the State of Arizona.

The Firm and the Attorney wish for00 the legal professional practice law as an employee of the Firm.

It is decided by and between the parties the following:

Section 1. Employment and Tasks.

Employment. The Firm engages the Attorney and the Attorney accepts employment as an legal professional relative to the conditions of this Contract.

Full Time. The Lawyer shall devote full working some attention on the practice of the legislation for the Firm and the Attorney shall not, without the written approval of the Firm, ultimately rendered services of a professional nature to or for almost any person or company except as an worker of the Firm.

Tasks and Assignments. The Organization shall determine the responsibilities to be performed by the Attorney and the means and the manner by which those responsibilities shall be performed. The Firm shall determine the assignment of the clients to the Attorney and the Attorney shall perform services for such clients assigned. The Firm determine the rates at which the Attorney’s work shall be billed.

Section 2. Compensation

Salary. For all those services rendered by the Lawyer under this Agreement, the Firm shall pay the Attorney and gross annual salary of $58, 000, payable weekly or as may otherwise be mutually decided. The salary may be changed by mutual contract of the parties at any time.

Bonus. In the conjunction with the salary specified in 2. 1., the Attorney may receive a bonus. The bonus, if any, will be in such sums as the Firm may determine in its overall discretion.

Additional Compensation. In addition to the salary and bonus specified in items 2. 1 and installment payments on your 2, the Attorney will be eligible to get a percentage of the Firm’s portion of Damage cases. The Attorney should receive 10% of the Business payment from a Personal Injury case, when the Attorney has performed as the primary legal professional on that case. In addition, the Attorney will get 10% of the Business payment from a Personal Injury case, when the Attorney personally brought the case to the Company.