Benefits of an “Every Day Carry” Flashlight

An “every day carry” or EDC light for short, is a flashlight that is compact enough to keep in your pocket or purse on a daily basis during morning, noon and night. Tactical led flashlights are attaining in popularity for use as every day carry lights due to the extreme power of high quality led diodes in addition to their small size and extreme toughness. edc flashlight

Led tactical lights are often manufactured from aircraft level aluminum that can endure a great deal of wear and tear. Occasionally you may find lights less than thirty us dollars that boast having 10 or more leds in their construction. More leds in a flashlight would not always mean they are brighter or give off better light. Led diodes have come such a long ways that only one high quality added is absolutely necessary, especially in the less costly price points. 

Led flashlights with Xenon or Cree added diodes offer excellent brightness to the point where they may even be considered weapons. The light from high quality leds can momentarily shades a person if shown directly in their eye from only a brief distance. Many of these quality led lights from manufacturers such as Fenix, Surefire and Streamlight operate all night with only one AA, triple-an or CR123a battery.

The compact size and durable construction of smaller tactical led lights utilizing only one electric battery makes them ideal as an every day hold light. It is most convenient to have a good source of bright light available wherever you go, whether it is a dark parking garage area or simply perusing the hard to reach corners of a basement.

Every day hold flashlights make excellent gifts for nearly anyone, although young adults should be made aware of the high intensity of the led lights and respect their powerful, downright blinding light beams. In addition to led lights in tactical light weight aluminum housings that fit in your palm, there are key chain led lights that are ultra compact and offer surprising light beam intensity. One such brand of keychain leds is the Photon microlight.

Making use of small coin-sized batteries, the Photon leds and other manufacturers of similar size leds offer enough shiny light to see your way through any darkness. Although not as powerful as much tactical led flashlights, they still give a nice amount of bright light and their extremely small size allows those to be located on a key chain with ease.