Best Contests to Increase Engagement on Facebook During the Holidays

The vacation season is a fantastic time for you to make connections and increase engagement with your enthusiasts on social media. Expensive possibility to really show off the personality behind your brand and reach new potential clients. It is the time of year to offer great discounts and simply spread cheer to your fans. buy polldaddy votes

Holiday promotions tend to see a higher level00 engagement from social press followers than other times of the season. According to sociallystacked. com, brands see an average increase of 66% in contest syndication this time of yr.

Setting up Facebook tournaments can take as little as half a little, so there’s no reason weight loss start taking good thing about the holiday involvement rush! 

Photo Contests

Picture contests are always popular nonetheless they reach an perfect high during the getaways. You can use an software to help make the contest setup easy. Decide if the champion will be chosen at random or if it will be the image with the most ballots. Then, choose a good contest theme:

-Worst family holiday picture
-Ugliest Xmas sweater
-Holiday house animals
-Winter weather

With image challenges, you not only the engagement levels but you have bonus of unique user-generated content posted to your feed. That content could possibly get shared, giving your brand a wider reach.


The fill-in-the-blank competitions very funny and oh-so simple to build. Simply pick a holiday-related theme and get creative. Content it as a position update and wait for the responses.

-The most annoying Christmas song is___.
-My favorite food to eat during the vacations is __.
-The gift idea towards the top of my wish list is __.
-It’s just not the vacations without __.

This simple contest allows people share a little information about them with some fun reading other people’s responses. Again, you can choose a victor at random or foundation for you to make a decision on whoever gets the most likes for their response.

Daily Giveaways

Who have doesn’t go wild over a daily giveaway? Simply think of the people who are fortunate to be in the audience when Ellen does her “12 Days of Christmas” giveaway: It’s like everyone has won the lotto!

People get more enthusiastic about contests when there are multiple prizes to be won. And the gifts need not be expensive and flashy. A fantastic rule of thumb is to offer prizes that relate to your business, like offering some of your own products as a winning prize. You can throw in some other interesting awards like an Amazon surprise card or an electronic book reader.

Decide how long you want the contest to last, typically a week, and then determine what prizes you will offer each day. Announce the daily prize at a set time each day. It might be wise to post about your daily prize special offer before you start and give fans a day and time when the contest will commence so they can be ready to enter.

Nominate a Winner

During this time of year, people want to be able to give something special to someone who they think warrants it most. Maybe really a family member who have recently been laid off or a neighbor who has been volunteering after work every trip to the local food lender.

Allow your fans nominate a person that they would like to see rewarded with a great prize. Ask them to submit a brief explanation of why you ought to choose their person. You may choose a winner yourself or base the decision on who gets the most votes.

Contests are always a hit on cultural mediand a great way to increase your brand online. During the holidays, you will see even more engagement from fans, so reap the benefits and hold a special vacation contest or two of your own.