Birth of Photography – Beginning of Film & Video Production As a DOP and Cameraman

Cinematographer, lighting cameraman or DOP – Director of Digital photography training, they all are under the umbrella term – CINEMATOGRAPHY.

How much does DOP – Director of Photography stand for? What does it mean to be a Cinematographer? First Film & Video Production was the birth of Photography and the foundation of every Film, TV and Online video Cameraman and DOP (Director of Photography). Cameraman nunta

The Camera Obscura was your first invented camera but the exact age of it cannot be set. It is principle is so simple that even Mother Characteristics creates it every day: A dark cave with a tiny hole in the outer rock face is it needs for a Camera Obscura. A caveman would have a picture upside down on his wall, opposite the gap. It would show him a very blurred picture of what is occurring in front of the cave. Even Aristoteles described the projection through a hole in 4th hundred years B. C. Down the line some painters used this basic principle to create more creative pictures and because the projection was too much out-of-focus and the publicity to low, they began to implement a zoom lens. To this time there were no substance to catch these pictures, such as film, tapes or hard drives. In 1727, Johann H. Schulze, a Spanish physicist, discovers that silver precious metal salts turn dark when exposed to light. Yet it took another 100 years until the French designer, Joseph Nicephore Niepce, produced an everlasting image by layer a tin plate with asphalt emulsion and disclosing home plate to light for about eight several hours. 

This invention is exactly what we could call the birthday of the first picture used by a camera. In 1878, after many other inventions including the “dry-plate” process using an emulsion of gelatin, the English photographer Eadweard Muybridge will take the first successful photos of motion, showing how people and animals move. Let us call him the first DOP – Director of Photography (or cameraman? ), which is today’s film and television set industry far more then simply a photographer of 10-20 single pictures to get some motion. In Film, TV or Video creation a DOP is not simply by using a camera; instead this individual has to modify the lighting for the landscape and is in demand of all other cinematographers and visual aspects on the set. In his career usual he begins as a lighting dépanneur or cinematographer and later he gets accredited to a DOP – Overseer of Photography. Some say a cinematographer is the same as a DOP but I cannot acknowledge with that, even most cameramen who call themselves cinematographers are indeed Administrators of Photography. But not necessarily you need to be a DOP to call yourself a cinematographer.

The general idea for a cinematographer we believe is a mécanicien who works only for the film and movie industry – wrong, instead a cinematographer is an experienced lighting cameraman for all kind of professional film, tv set and online video production. A cinematographer can get accredited as such from an association like the ACS- Australian Cinematographers Society or maybe the ASC North american Society of Cinematographers and some others. In case you are completely accredited of above organizations then you can name yourself, for example Stephan C. ACS or ASC. This accreditation can only be achieved by recording for at least eight years (ACS) for professional broadcast or movie musicals or plays over a continually basis. The creative imagination and style of the cameraman (lighting, camera movement and framing and so on. ) will be evaluated by professionals form the appropriate society in support of with their approvals a cinematographer can be named ACS or ASC.