Characteristics of Modern Media Technology

Mass media has evolved a great deal. Modern media will depend on Technology to deliver information or gather them at a faster speed. The pursuing are the characteristics:  Unternehmer Zeitung

Velocity: The info reaches at a faster speed.

Reach: The information should have mass reach.

Preventing Calamities: Modern press broadcasts twenty four hours. So high technology is employed to conquer natural calamities.

Constant Transmitting: Technology is employed for regular transmission.

The following tools of technology can be used to realise the aforesaid targets:

Use of Satellites: Satellite Technology can be used to ensure frequent indication. A satellite hardly gets damaged by climatic conditions.

Use of Video Webinar: It is employed to get live and personal opinions without physical presence.

Make use of of Television Conferencing: This is employed to get audio tracks inputs from far off places.

Use of Net: Internet has been relied after for information.

Usage of high end Computer Technology: Processing and high speed cpus are being used for fast and able data processing.

Employ of Mobile Satellite Vehicles for News Coverage: Satellite tv vans are being used for high mobility and anytime coverage.

Use of high end Audio visual equipments: Employ of top end audio tracks visible equipments have emerged that causes clear sound and picture. Tape recorders and high end video cams are being used by media folks to take interviews fast and transmit news ina proper and efficient manner.

Thus these are the functions of Modern Media Technology that has made multimedia more fast, accurate and improved and has made it an indispensable tool for protecting the major democracy of the world named India by rendering it more transparent and dependable to people. Hence these are the characteristics of modern media technology.