Cigarette Cases

There are numerous cigarette accessories that result in a smoker’s kit. Chief included in this are cigarette cases, lighters and holders.

Cigarette cases are most useful when smoking cigarettes have to be stored in small amounts on a trip or on a long journey. Even so, cigarette cases have today achieved the dual consumption of not only saving cigarettes in them, but also creating or adding to the personality of the person using the cigarette case. zigaretten

A cigarette case has become as much of an exterior symbol as a leather jacket, cellphone or any other external accessory. Right now there are a range of cigarette cases available in the market. The circumstances are made to fit various personalities and both genders. The cigarette instances can fit filtered as well as non-filtered smoking cigarettes. The number of smoking cigarettes that can be stored in a case may differ. Normally, they can carry up to eighteen smokes. 

The cases are made out of a quantity of materials. Some of the popular materials used are gold, silver, man?uvres, leather, chrome or light weight aluminum. Some cases can be embossed upon, for that personal touch. Cigarette situations are also made of custom-made patterns.

Special cigarette cases are available for women. Some are designed as purses and can match outfits. Velvet, PVC and leather are among the list of chief materials used to get ready these cigarette cases.

Cigarette cases are being used by various companies whoever products are extensively employed by cigarette smokers. Magazines like Playboy, cigarette-lighter manufacturing companies like Zippo and STYLO À BILLE, and liquor companies like Jack Daniels have their own line of cigarette cases.