Closer To Reality: God’s Alleged Omnipotence

Virtually all knowledgeable people acknowledge that theoretically, on paper at least, the concept of an omnipotent deity has merit. Some true believers state that is absolutely the truth. Some however say that idea presents a logical contradiction best circumstance scenario and is actually pure bovine fertilizer as a logical concept. A great actual omnipotent deity are not able to exist. What follows occurs out of a controversy I had with an Accidental Meta-physician. Certainly My spouse and i give here my point of view which We’ve edited for, hopefully, reason of clarity. read more

Author’s Take note: I take advantage of the conditions The almighty, deity, and Maximally Very best Being (MGB) interchangeably. The MGB is a preferred phrase employed by the Animal Meta-physician, and so in our electronic chin-wags I’ve followed now and again his usage.

Introduction: Is the Almighty All-God All-Powerful?

A common trait provided to Our god is that He is all-powerful (omnipotent). Along with the trait of omniscience, that too is absurdity. He maybe more powerful compared to a speeding locomotive; faster compared to a speeding bullet; able to leap tall structures at an individual bound, and He’s certainly up in the sky. Yet , discover this paradox: can Goodness create a rock so heavy not even This individual could lift it? In the event that not, He’s not all powerful; if so He is not all powerful. It can a no-win situation. Even more relevant might be an observation, since God is physical, and presumably be subject to the laws of the Universe, could God at any time escape from inside a cosmic Black Hole?

In the event God cannot prevent wicked, then God is not all powerful. If Our god can prevent evil, but chooses to never, then Our god is hardly benevolent (i. e. – not omni-warm and omni-fuzzy). If Goodness allows evil to can be found in humans, and Goodness created humans, then Our god must share some responsibility for that evil. Is actually akin to parents the need to shoulder responsibility if their child or children goes a-muck.

God is not all-powerful since not even God can get around the Heisenberg Uncertainty Basic principle in quantum physics, which states that it is impossible to know concurrently any particle’s precise position and trajectory.

Presumably, Our god, like gravity, and whatever comprised of mass and energy can’t operate at faster than light rate. If God wants to smite you down, and God is ten light-years away, then you’re safe for a decade before His bolt of super hits you.

If Our god exists in a physical location within the Whole world, then God can’t know about a meeting until the light (or other areas of the electromagnetic spectrum; or gravity) from that event reaches God. Since light has a finite acceleration, God is in the ‘dark’ as it were until the light and information it contains gets to God. For example, if God is residing on The world, and for some reason our Sun care goes supernova, God (as well as the others of humanity) won’t find out about it for other eight-plus minutes – the time it requires light to reach The planet from the Sun. Goodness is powerless to take action until that eight-plus minutes have elapsed.

Not really God can change the past. Come on, man, there are any number of occasions where to correct some mistake; it would have been much easier to backtrack in time and undo something, like going back over time and posting a “No Trespassing: Keep Out: Tortue Will Be Shot About Sight: This Means You” sign at the access to your garden of Eden.

If God is all-powerful, why does This individual need to create amazing things to improve His mistakes? In the event that an all-powerful God did not want one to develop cancer, it would have been easier for Goodness to acquire seen to it that you didn’t develop cancer rather than creating a miracle whereby your malignancy entered remission which your doctors couldn’t explain.

Not really even God can attain something that is self-contradictory, like setting up a spherical dice or a cubical ballpark! Not even God can draw more than one straight line between two points on the flat part of paper.

If Our god is all-powerful, why performed God need to snooze on the seventh day? Scratch omnipotent.

Regarding A thing from Nothing

Since We do not think there is any such entity as a Maximally Greatest Being (i. e. – God), it matters not whether this non-entity is necessary or contingent. However, this deity most certainly isn’t allgewaltig since not even a Maximally Greatest Being can create something from nothing at all. That God did indeed create something out of nothing is an important philosophy of my debating challenger, the Accidental Meta-physician.