Coin Laundromats – Watch Out for These Five Things When Looking to Purchase a Store

I actually is often asked the things i personally look for when shopping for a gold coin laundromat business. There are five key factors that I pay attention to. If these factors do not pass the preliminary inspection, buyer beware. laundromat near me

Additional Income
Don’t forget to count the Ancillary Salary which a store generates. This kind of could be just as much as 10% of the Revenues and makes a major difference to the bottom line. Ancillary items are vending machines, soda pop and snack machines, online video games, pay phones, internet kiosks, tanning beds, and so forth. The average margin on ancillary items is around 50%, so $1, 500 monthly of ancillary income would net $500 to the results. Not bad, eh? Make sure you take this into consideration when adding up the Gross Revenue and creating your valuation of a store. 

Age & Condition of Gear
When looking at a potential store, ensure you get the exact Try to make, Model, and Age (if possible) of each machine. Most machines have this information displayed somewhere on the machine. For top load washers, it is generally inside the top, or on the again of the machine near to the top. Front load washing machines will often have this information on the inside of the doorway. Electric dryers will often have the model numbers inside the dryer door or on the back of the dryer. This information will be needed when you do your water research of the store. Spend attention to the current condition of the equipment too. Most front fill washers and dryers have an useful life of 15 to 20 years and top load washing machines, about seven to 10 years. However, if well maintained, it is not uncommon to see electric dryers and front load washing machines lasting 30 plus years and top load machines lasting up to 12-15 years. Remember, this equipment is not the same stuff you acquire at K-mart for your home. It is commercial grade and long lasting. If the equipment is old and run down when you are looking at any store, you can look toward a very expensive up grade soon and increased maintenance costs until it is upgraded. Top load machines cost between $800 and $1, 500 and entrance load washers start at $2, 500 and go up to $9, 1000 or more with regards to the size. Dryers can be $4, 000 each. So take the condition into bank account when deciding on the cost. Upgrading our store in Hayward, CA cost over $170, 000 just for the gear plus installation. You find the point.

We all know the old saying ‘Location, Site, Location’ and then for a Laundromat this is somewhat more the secret than the exception. The location of your local store should be in an area between apartments on a major street and have plenty of parking. The ideal store would maintain a tiny strip mall with a caf?, donut shop, or other eatery. Bear in mind a Laundromat is a destination store. It is not likely that someone will be driving around with their clothes at the back of their car and pop into your store to do their wash because they just happened to be passing by. That being said, it is ideal if the location is safe, with something for the customers to do while they are ready for their clothes to finish. In most parts, the majority of the customers that can come to your store will live within a half mile to a mile of the Laundromat and the majority of them are in apartments. So choose sensibly. Population density does subject, therefore you would be smart to really know what the occurrence of residence moving into apartments rentals around your store is, before parting with your money.

Water Using the Laundromat
It is critical that you look at the water consumption for the last 2 years of business when deciding whether or not to buy a store. Found in many cases the seller will inflate the reported income produced by the store as a way to raise the asking price. This increase can be dramatic. A store’s value relies after a multiple of generally 50 to 60 times monthly Net Revenue. To get example, if the Net Revenue increases just 500 usd. 00 a month, the store value increases $25K to $30K. The charges are the key to unlock the truth about the wash and dry out earnings of your local store. The analysis is somewhat complicated but can be done on the spreadsheet. With this information at your fingertips, you can tell if the stated income is reasonable or not. NOTE: While drinking water analysis can be very accurate (plus or subtract 5%), there are ways that an unscrupulous owner can fudge the quantities. So beware! A drinking water leak from a leaking faucet or hose bib can add numerous gallons of water daily to the bill. So be careful when inspecting a store for leaks.

The lease is one of your major monthly bills and can either gain or lose your business opportunity. The laundry equipment, electrical, and plumbing installed in your Laundromat is very hard and expensive to go. So much so, that it is not economically feasible to move in the event your lease expires. With that, you can say that the value of a Laundromat is merely as good as the lease and that would be a major statement. When negotiating your lease, there are 2 main points to pay attention to. The total rent per month and the length. As a general rule of thumb, a rent of more than 20% of Major Revenue need to be avoided. Also, rents that remain flat for a period of 5 years at a time or more are the most desirable. The length of the lease needs to be long enough that you can have a chance to recapture your investment and make a good profit for your efforts. Leases of 15 years or even more (including all options) are excellent. Try not to have less than 8 years total.