Commercial Refrigeration Is the Cornerstone of the Food Service Industry

Professional refrigerators are essential pieces of the food service industry. They supply many options to restaurant owner for business and storage of perishable goods. Size and capacity are some of the key contributing factors that are being used in the selection process for commercial refrigerators when a purchase is made.

Refrigeration companies are becoming more diversified within the previous decade in bettering their technology with refrigeration performance for customers. The Traulsen refrigeration company offers a variety of durable and progressive commercial refrigerators and freezers for their clients to employ. Refrigeración Industrial y Comercial

Their devices are outfitted with highly ground breaking temperature control microprocessors that monitor and control air temperature to protect food from bacterial development and prevent spoilage. This kind of gives Traulsen refrigerators a definitive edge over their competition in the commercial refrigeration industry. 

To stay competitive in the industry, you must be able to supply lots of practical and resilient inventory of products to your customer to remain successful. Traulsen refrigerators are offered in many shapes and sizes for the convenience of their clients. These include compact refrigerators, sliding-glass door units, under counter wine bottle coolers, display showcase units, and many more. Their selection should be large and they must be able to provide parts and service to these devices as well.

Their freezers are made of stainless steel on the interior and external surfaces, though some are made from anodized aluminum in the interior for sanitation reasons. All of their devices are electrically wired to preclude consumption of energy, saving their clients more money in the long term. Their strength composition must be the one which can satisfy the physical requirements of a constant, and sometime abusive, environment. Traulsen units are specifically created with the thought of that type of environment in mind prior to its assembly.

Their Firm came into existence around the moments of WORLD WAR II, at which time we were holding aiding the efforts of the war by providing the federal government with in-field, lightweight refrigeration units to soldiers to keep their food sources from spoiling. This was that type of atmosphere that projected their mentality for durable and lasting refrigeration construction.

Because you can see, there are many important elements to the commercial a fridge for the food service industry. It is an ever-expanding industry. They are always looking for ways to improve in the areas of technology to better serve their clients in the food service industry to stimulate their growth and production.