Copper Repiping Tips

Copper mineral has been carrying drinking water in homes and businesses for years. It is a carefree system that will last a life time. You will find two types of copper pipe; It can come in comfortable form coiled in a move of several feet. This also can come in a ridged form that is hard and fold. The ridged form comes in sticks up to ten feet. Most normal water lines are run in the ridged form of copper pipe. repipe orlando

If your existing water system is wore out or experiencing many leaks it may need to be changed. Old piping in homes was generally galvanized water pipe. After years of service it can produce escapes in fittings and if you are spots. This old tube gets very brittle and cannot be repaired any longer. When you reach this point repiping is your option. You may use many different materials for this including copper. Copper piping has been service tested for many years.

To repipe a home or business you have to remove existing pipes. First, Shut off the key water valve and drain as much water from piping as you can. You now can start removing existing pipe. In the event that you are not heading to reuse some of the existing piping, use a metallic saw to cut it into pieces for easy handling. Make these slashes by any means corners this will save them and limit when carrying the water pipe out.

Measure the job or hire a professional to put new water line throughout the area that has been removed. Produce sure pipe diameter is big enough to give you enough water pressure to all plumbing features. When using copper 3 / 4 inch main lines should be branched into 1 / 2 inch lines going to a valve or tap. Tend not to run to many fixtures off one 3 / 4 inch collection either. Which means you figured away roughly the sizes of pipe you need and just how much you need. Nowadays estimate all the fixtures you require. Unions, cross shirts, reducers, and elbows are some of the furnishing required. You must have flux and plumb safe solder as well as a pipe cleaner and a torch. Steel made of wool is useful for cleaning the ends of the pipe and fittings.

When soldering the copper fittings you must clean your parts to a bright coppery shine. Put some flux to water line and fitting and temperature fitting up. Touch the solder to the water pipe next to the desired fitting. If it touches and sucks into the fitting it is hot enough. This is the copper repiping process.