Dog Kennels

Puppy kennels come in many designs and sizes, from $25, 000 ‘pooch palaces’ modelled on the customer’s house, to strong all season structures for a working sheepdog or rescue pet. underpinning house foundations

The kind of dog house you choose will depend on climate, the animal’s size, if your dog will live there all year round, whether the kennel shall be used for whelping, of course, if a number of dogs will share the same structure. You will also need to make a decision whether to buy a kennel ready-made or, if your craftsmanship’s up to scratch, obtain or bring plans and build one yourself. 

Chaining a Pet to a Run

A dog should never be chained to a run except for short checked periods. Dogs are interpersonal animals, genetically determined to live as a group. A chained dog may suffer psychological damage, and become highly aggressive. A chained dog does not even make a good guard: a burglar may easily avoid a chained dog but will be disinclined to a house containing a free-running creature.

A chained dog, empty to human interaction, is liable to attack anyone without warning: a child wandering nearby, the postman, other animals. When this individual feels threatened he might attack immediately because the chain prevents the normal fight-flight response: he’s pressured by the chain to fight.

Dogs may suspend themselves on their restaurants or become tangled and unable to reach food or water. Rescue staff found many dead pups at the end of chains after Hurricane Katrina.

Kennel Roofing & Air flow

A peaked kennel roof structure makes a great space for wasps, hornets and other types of insect or animal to build their nests, while a level roof, with a minor incline to let rainwater to drain, solves those problems and gives the dog somewhere to lie when it’s hot or she has on guard duty. The roof should be detachable for ease of cleaning.

A dog house should be raised a few inches above the floor to keep it damp-free and allow air to flow underneath.

Kennel Size

In the event the kennel is too small your pet will be uncomfortable and could do itself everlasting damage if it has nowhere else to sleep. If it’s too large he won’t be able to heat it with body ambiance and could freeze in cold weather. So measure your dog before buying a run and choose one that enables him room to switch round, plus a few inches extra.

If she has a growing dog then your kennel should have removable panels to keep pace with his size. Having control over how big the internal space is important too if the kennel will be used for whelping. There ought to be room for mom and growing puppies, along with space for her to turn round.