Engaging Your Twitter Followers And Making Friends On Twitter

Fine. So you created a Twitter profile, wrote a great bio, built a little (or large) following, and continue to do it. Precisely next? How do you actually start making friends? Is that even possible when you are constrained to 140 characters? The answer is yes. The entire purpose of utilizing an interpersonal network is to get to know people, and can only happen with interaction. Like real life, you have to begin referred to as, follow some etiquette and be considerate of some other person. So are you ready to get started on making friends? buy high quality twitter followers

Who is very popular, the person who reveals to everyone or the introvert? Talk equals twitter update in Twitterspeak. The vital thing you should do is twitter update at regular intervals. The tweets could be about anything. 

Tweet regularly and make sense

What you plan to do today, the weather around you, something nice you consumed etc.
Interesting news item you read, joke you heard, or film you saw you want to discuss
Some interesting quote, or thought for the day.
We have a lot to be said without giving away too much personal information (shudder).


You may be filled with yourself, but surely you are impressed by something a hundred other people are saying? Retweeting what someone said is a superb way to introduce yourself. Occasionally, the message is helpful or helpful to others, and you are just doing a good behavior.

Respond directly

Say you are at a get together and you simply said Hi to someone. They will say something and you may respond. So why should Twitter be any different? Reply to a person if you are moved by what they say. You may agree or disagree, provide an opinion, point them to something they want, or maybe pat someone on the back. It’s much like being at an acquiring of men and women.

You will not make friends until you begin talking.

Be thoughtful

Follow some basic internet etiquette. Of course, if you don’t know very well what it is, it’s high time you learnt. Using Limits means you are yelling, and it is impolite! The same goes for profanities or swear words. Or deliberately maligning someone. Hey, understand what buy what someone else says, just ignore it and move on. Right?

Building good Karma is essential, especially in the internet world. A single bad word stands apart more than a hundred good ones.

I am sure that if you follow these basic steps, you will start getting to know people really well. And then it is about you how considerably you wish to consider it.