Frequently Asked Questions About Granite Countertops

Why is granite suitable for making counter tops?
Granite is the second hardest stone when in comparison to diamonds which means it can make one of the toughest and an enduring countertop. Granitic is very unique because it’s highly unlikely that you will find two similar granite slabs depending on quarry and the nutrients components. Another reason that makes granite suitable for making countertop is its better to maintain. Granite is spot, heat and resistance to scratches which means you can place a hot pan and not be anxious about dulling it. You can put it to use as a cutting board for fruit and vegetables and the only thing you have to be anxious about is dulling your knives. AA Granite Fabricator Direct countertops Atlanta

What are the several types of granite counter top finishes?
Granite countertops floors can be finished in using different techniques, you might have it honed, polished, flamed or brushed surfaces and technique is meant to give the granite piece an unique look and feel. The most frequent finish is the polishing treatment because it’s easy to maintain and it gives the granite a sparkling and a mirror like appearance that makes your kitchen radiate and more beautiful. The Honed finishes is gaining interest because it is less shiny giving your home a day to day feel while still maintaining originality and elegance. You can also go for flamed coatings whereby granite is subjected to extreme heat that it melts and decide upon so that it is rough, textured and slip resistant.

Exactly what the best maintenance practices for granite?
Granite is very easy to maintain for it only have to be sealed once a year, the installer will seal for you during installation which is one of the main step. Closing is important because granitic is porous and without the sealing agent it has a tiny opportunity of staining and absorb drinking water easily. Other maintenance techniques are the daily cleaning with comfortable cloth and a neutral cleaner to remove dust or any type of spillage. Question your supplier or installation technician to recommend the best cleaner suitable for granite and will not take away the sealer.

How long do stone countertop lasts?
Granite counter tops are consider an once investment because when you have it installed at home it will last for a life time.

The available granite colors?
Granite countertops comes in a wide variety of colors and no subject the color you select their luster and originality never fade. Our granite slabs are unique and the color ranges from dark, green, pink, yellow, white and blue but you can get many more colors. The color choice can complement the room d? cor of the room as well as brighten a darker room.

What are the available granite countertop thickness?
Granitic slabs vary in density but the most popular thickness is 3 of the cm also known as 1/4 thickness, you can also get the two cm also known as 3/4 thickness. The weight of the granitic slab will also fluctuate with the width but the general weight is 12-13 lbs per sq ft to 18-19 pounds for the 2 centimeter and 3 cm correspondingly. The good thing about going with a 3 cm granitic slab is you will not need to strengthen it with plywood unlike the 2cm that needs to be reinforced to support the granite itself.

How much does it cost to install the granite countertop?
The price will depend many factors including the area you are in, how large your countertop is, the color of granite etc. A great average granite countertop will cost between $2500. 00 to $4000. 00 to obtain installed. This should include sink cutouts, cook top cutouts. Do understand though depending on granite you get it could cost more a lot more.