Hair Transplant – The Real Truth!

Various people who are dealing with hair loss imagine a Hair Transplant surgery is the answer to their problems and many are even scared of the word “surgery”. Most people have observed others with implant surgery that look ” light ” and like a doll’s sticking out for the world to see. Normal transplant questions and anxieties: “extremely painful”, “It look fake”, “not my own hair”, “transplant hair will not grow and carry on as I get older”, “expensive”. These are some the questions that many individuals have when they hear the word Hair Implant Surgery. So might be these fears true or false? Well, as a past hair loss sufferer and transplant patient let me explain for all who are wondering. In the blog, “Ask The Hair Loss Expert”, We go in detail about my hair loss history and eventual redemption with before and after pictures, so I will not get into detail about my history here. To be brief, I started shedding hair when justin was 22 and it advanced as I grew more mature. At the age of 35 I had my first hair transplant. I actually was so satisfied that I had another one when justin was thirty seven, which I truly would not need. Now, My spouse and i is 39 and I actually look younger than when I was 30. In the event you do not believe that me, just visit my blog to see for yourself. Best Hair Transplantation

Now, let me answer some of the above fears or even questions that most individuals have regarding an Hair Hair treatment Surgery:

1. Is it Painful? Pain is a relative term. Each person has a different threshold of pain than another. I have a low tolerance for pain and I can tell you that going to the dentist is far more painful than having a hair hair transplant performed by the right surgeon. The keyword to remember here is “right surgeon”. The surgeon should be a professional in Hair Implant surgery only. The trimming of the donor area is among the most dramatic process during the complete surgery and it is here that some individuals in the past have felt great pain anticipated to the surgeon’s absence of skill. If the surgeon is skilled there is very minimum pain and discomfort. On my surgery day, I observed DVD movies back to back, had sushi for lunch, talked to my wife and the healthcare professionals all during the surgery so pain was not an issue personally. 

2. Will it look Imitation? Again if the physician is skilled, the answer to the question would be a strong “no”. Prior to I had my surgery, I had a diminishing hairline and was heading completely bald on top. After surgery and My spouse and i swear by this affirmation, not one person at any time knew or even asked if I a new hair transplant. It’s so funny, when I run into people who We have not seen for a long time, they look at me from head to toe in amazement and their only comment is how youthful I look and how I lost all the weight. The funny part is that I really gained weight after my marriage, yet my hair treatment looks so natural that no-one has an idea.

3. It is my own hair? Yes that transplanted hair is fully your natural hair used from your donor area.

4. Will the transplanted hair grow and previous? Yes, absolutely. After surgery, I would suggest you take propecia every two to three days which stops future hair damage. I am approaching forty five and from the time of 35 once i experienced my first transplant My spouse and i have not worried or seen any evidence of hairloss, especially from the transplanted hair.

5. Is definitely it Expensive? Depends how many grafts you need and more importantly to get the hair hair transplant performed. I could notify you honestly which a locks transplant is much more expensive in Los Angeles or Nyc than in Canada. I personally experienced my surgery done in Canada and would never even consider doing it here in Los Angeles where i came from, not due to cost but due to surgeon. Luckily for me personally the price tag on the surgery is considerably less in Canada than here which worked well out perfectly.

In synopsis, it is my judgment that a Hair Hair treatment is the only long lasting cure for hair reduction. So, do not let anyone trick you with magic pills, shampoo’s or foams and so forth, it is packed with crap and baloney. However, there are natural pills and supplements that prevents or slow down baldness, such as Propecia and Provillus and Profinast. The one solution where you actually gain a natural set of hair is a Hair Transplant Surgical treatment. For much more information, news and videos feel free to visit my blog.