Home Remedy For Head Lice

Were you aware that in certain parts of the world, including parts of America, head louse have grown to be resistant to commercial anti-lice products? This is kind of a dual whammy because many commercial over the counter and approved medications for the lice are harmful pharmaceutical drugs so you could be playing the prospect of the treatment no much longer working and being hazardous. Great! home remedy for lice

So what are the alternatives?

Well at our house we have never used commercial medications and yet were still head lice free. Lately our son came home from school scratching his head. On inspection it proved that he acquired nits (lice eggs) and may be a couple of nymphs (infant lice) in the head. It is sometimes hard to distinguish between them as they are incredibly small. 

What was our home cure for headlouse? Well we have a high quality headlice brush and some tea woods oil spray. The morning hours and evening routine was to diligently comb through the hair with close visual examination of the hair and the tooth of the comb after each stroke through the hair. If any nits or lice were found these were removed and squashed and then cleaned away down the kitchen sink. Remember the combing was done twice a day and lasted up to 15 minutes each time.

In the mornings before you go to school we would spray our son’s curly hair and head with tea tree oil spray. The dosage was quite good and we ensured a complete coverage of the oil. The purpose in back of this is to kill existing nymphs and ensure that any hatching eggs were met with a prevention on their introduction to the earth.

After around one week of treatment the nits and nymphs were gone with no adult lice were ever allowed to develop.

There are a number of natural remedies for head louse including mayonnaise, tea forest oil, olive oil and petroleum jelly.