Home Staging – A New Business Opportunity In Dubai?

House Staging, as it’s called in the US, or Home Doctoring if you are in britain, is a long established practice when preparing a house for sale. Traditionally, it is almost always a resided in house that is ‘staged’ in preparation for a sale or available house viewing day. home staging service

The reason a home requires place on is to make it look fresh and inviting to interested people who come in for a viewing. In many real estate marketplaces worldwide, an agent or consultant will always advice you to either level a home yourself, or seek the services of proper home staging businesses. 

Yes, such something might not exactly be that acquainted with residents and even real estate professionals here in the UAE, and why should it be? You will discover hardly any homes that are lived in for that long, that they have to be staged to sell them.

In fact, it is radically different here. Homes and homes still have that fresh brick and paint smell whenever there is an open house. If indeed there even is such a thing as a house! With most properties being bought out in a few hours of their kick off announcements, it still is a virgin market for real estate. But the market is changing, and many sought after jobs which may have been completed, existed in and a lot importantly, have become established communities to live in.

The homes during these projects are what would benefit from Home Staging services. Many of these projects as Emaar’s The Greens which feature rentals only, and projects including the Springs and The Wetlands, which feature villas and town houses, are today going head on with more recent villas and apartments approaching on the market.

Happen to be these ‘older’ structures really that old and existed in that they need Home Staging? Not even close to it! they are around 4 to 5 years old, hardly what you will call ‘lived in’. Yet, as with all things nice and shiny this is the way of life here, it is not uncommon to find clients admit they want to buy into new projects only.

This is where there is a tiny Home Staging market opportunity. But wait, that really isn’t the market probable we are speaking about here in this article…

House Staging Newly Built Homes:

This is certainly a different take on Home Staging, and would be perfect to the unique real property market in Dubai and the UAE. Currently, as is witnessed by obtaining a news paper, there are apartments and villas getting completed and provided at a phenomenal rate here. There is also no dearth of ready investors as well as people who are re also locating to this remanso to start out with their lives. So why stage them in the first place if everything sells without effort?

The reason we come across a good business opportunity in setting up newly built homes, is to attract the attention of buyers who will soon have the ability to physically visit these completed projects and they may be considered a completely different perspective than when they were sold only from brochures and DVD AND BLU-RAY videos earlier.

Consider some truths…

1) The Setting up is completed, but with the middle of a construction site, because other buildings and towers in the vicinity are still being completed within the next couple of years. – Will home buyers like a home here over a more peaceful vicinity?

2) On paper and DVD a 389 sq foot studio apartment would not convey a true sense of space, after all, the tiny graphics used to denote beds and wardrobes always seem to be to fit in properly in a drawing – less than in real life! Therefore an adequately appointed in house decorator / Stager is needed to do up a studio apartment to share a feeling of coziness, yet space and richness to your customer. A great empty studio is a box and will not associated with cut!

These types of are only some reasons how and why Residence Staging is the perfect proposal for newly constructed homes.