How to Become a Chauffeur

A chauffeur driver can find themselves in many situations where they come into contact with various superstars and famous people. Because of this this job can be seen as quite exciting but on the other hand there may be big responsibility on you to get the passenger to where they want to go on time no matter the situation. Therefore it is not easy to become qualified guide.

Not anyone can just buy a car and commence offering a chauffeur service. They need to go through a series of stages before they are given a PCO certificate. Along with these skills the driver must also be confident and have very good social and driving a vehicle skills so that the passenger feels right at home. The phases that you will have to pass through to gain your PCO license are as follows.
Personal Information Investigations – First step is gaining your private seek the services of drivers license. There are a few requirements just for this, firstly you have to be over 21 years of age but there is no upper limit on age if you meet the other requirements. You will additionally be subject to a criminal record search from the Criminal Documents Bureau (CRB) before being licensed. Other information that will be looked at is your driving permit which you have to have held for at least three years. chauffeur service

Therapeutic – You will have to complete a medical fitness test called Group 2 Standards in order to get your license. The standards act like those used for drivers of large heavy goods vehicles, vehicles and coaches. You need to demonstrate your medical fitness by undergoing a medical assessment from your GP. 

Path Planning – You don’tneed to pass ‘The Knowledge’ like London’s Taxi drivers as you will have time to plan your trips before you leave but you must be able to read a map and be able to select an appropriate way. You may also have to pass a topographical test at a centre to demonstrate your skills. The things that will be involved during these topographical tests are map reading, route selection (local), route selection (intermediate), way selection (long distance) and general topography.

Once your PCO license has recently been gained its still not over! You then have to get the job by contacting PCO accredited private hire operator’s for work. You then either need to register and vehicles or used for from the operator’s car fast.