How to Become a Qualified Pharmacy Technician

One of many professions you might want to consider in the care industry is a pharmacy technician (PT). Placement of PT’s these days and nights is booming. Some of the daily duties is to assist in setting up medications also to provide customer satisfaction. They also receive pharmaceutical drug requests. They count the tablets before labeling the medication bottles. They may also perform clerical obligations, if they are used in a place where there are no pharmacy supports available. Basically, they work under the supervision of a pharmacist. Some owners of pharmacies tend to hire pharmacy techs to do both clerical and administrative duties, rather than employing pharmacy aides. This kind of is a primary reason pharmacy aide opportunities are decreasing. dulera coupon

Starting salary

A pharmacy tech’s duty is to measure, mix, matter, label and record the dosage of prescription medications. People who work in this field may have a starting twelve-monthly salary rate of more than $19, 000 with an constant rate of over $9. Those pharmacy techs working in a federal full-time branch earn the greatest salary of more than $39, 000 12 a few months with an hourly mean wage of more than $19. The most important employers for pharmacy technologists are those that belong to the and personal care stores. In conditions of location, the best employment level in the PT occupation is in California. The numbers mentioned here came from the Bureau of Work force,, labor force Statistics’ Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2010 statement. 


Pharmacy techs who work during weekends or beyond business hours are paid more through the shift differential’s scheme. Corporations may pay them twenty-five cents or more for working on Saturdays, Weekends or in the early evenings.

How to become a pharmacy tech?

If you want to pursue a pharmacy technician career, you must have a high school diploma, as one of its requirements. Many states require their drug store technicians to register with the state of the hawaiian islands board of pharmacy before they can work as a pharmacy technician in one of the pharmacy-related companies in the US. Certification for pharmacy specialist is not mandatory. On the other hand, obtaining a certificate improves your chances of getting hired and earning a higher salary than patients who do not have a certificate. The pursuing are two of the private organizations offering documentation examinations for pharmacy specialists:

-The Pharmacy Technician Qualification Table

-The Institute for the Certification of Drug store Experts

Eligibility requirements for recognition examinations will include:

-High school diploma

-No felony vérité

-No pharmacy-related convictions

-The actual cost of the examinations may be reimbursed by the employer.