How To Create A Bohemian Headband With Fabric Trims

Bohemian chic is not simply about the clothes you wear, the flowery dresses, the denim jeans, jackets and leather boots, it’s about the accessories you add to your outfit to exude that classy but carefree boho look. With bohemians, a favorite is the bohemian chic scarf, which further displays the feminine nature of the boho chic look. Below is how to make a boho chic headband for very little money, quickly and easily, using cloth trims. fabric trim

Fabric trims and other items used to make the organic scarf can be found online, ordered from manufacturers, in a haberdashery or projects store. Online stores or manufacturers have a larger choice, enabling you to choose from more designs. 

First of all choose your fabric trim, you are going to use for your headband. Leather-based fabric trims for this are popular because they be very durable and they are reminiscent of the sixties flower children’s style. With recent fashion, we have seen leather braided styles in browns, blacks, silvers and gold’s, as they coordinate very well with hair and clothes. Is actually always best to choose a colour that will reflect your style, go with your clothes and match or stand away from hair.

To create this bohemian design of headpiece, purchase a suitable part of leather fabric trim, which is wide enough to be cut into 3 sections (at over 1cm each) and over the length necessary to fit your head. With the duration, you need to have an extra few ins, around 7-8, so that it can be linked up. You may then probably desire a strip around 50cm to fit comfortably.

So after cutting you leather cloth trim into 3 parts, measure in a good few inches, around 7-8 on each side and pin together by using a protection pin. Then you can get started to braid the leather fabric trims along and then pin along. Make sure it is securely pinned together accomplish that it does not disentangle, and place around your head to ensure you have sufficient room to get the headband on and off. Then you will need to attach collectively the three braided items of leather using rivets and a rivet gun. Pointe will give your bohemian headband that extra hippie look, as they can be found based on a patterns on, including Celtic patterns.

Then when satisfied, place boho scarf on head, either over the forehead in the traditional hippy style or in the hair, and tie. You could also add beads and other trims such as diamante trims and fabric bouquets to add an unique turn to your boho headpiece.