Is Your Gas Boiler About to Blow Up?

Did you know enough about carbon monoxide poisoning and gas central heating boiler danger signs to keep your family safe and alive? The below advice will provide you with some very useful information. centrale termice in condensare

Carbon monoxide is an odourless and tasteless dangerous gas that can be given off by gas boilers and other heating appliances. Upon average 50 people yearly are killed by carbon monoxide poisoning therefore of defective boilers and other warming appliances such as gas fires. 

Unfortunately for several less than fortunate families deaths by and also carbon monoxide poisoning can easily be avoided. The most common reasons for fatal carbon monoxide poisoning are poor gas boiler maintenance or ventilation, which brings about a build up in gas. For example, an old flue can drip gas into a house or a chimney can become blocked due to nesting birds. In either case getting your boiler checked and maintained on a regular basis really can be the between life and death.

How do people die from bad gas boilers?

Just a little known fact is more people die from faulty central heating boiler in owner occupied homes than they do in rented accommodation. The reason for this is because legally twelve-monthly checks must be carried out by a qualified Gas Safe professional on an twelve-monthly most basic, whereas owner occupiers are much less inclined to pay for boiler investigations. Having your boiler examined professionally on regular most basic can help ensure your home heating is properly ventilated and nothing bad.

Gas Boiler Warning Symptoms

– Gas flames burn orange colored or yellow rather than green. Check your cooker hob & pilot light

– Check that the room where the gas boiler is kept is properly aired

– The chimney or flue is obstructed and you will see smoke within the room

– Early symptoms such as dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, severe headaches and chest pains

It truly is not simply boilers which are dangerous, gas fires or any other heating equipment which burns fossil powers can cause deadly carbon dioxide monoxide poisoning.

Any kind of heating appliance must have satisfactory ventilation. Will not block ventilation outlets or flues.

If you move home check when your boiler was last maintained. A boiler should always be checked and managed by a Gas Secure qualified engineer.