Make Concrete Blocks – A Business With A Strong Foundation

Concrete floor blocks and other tangible products are in demand everywhere. When you make these products you have indeed a business with a strong foundation. Solid blocks are being used to build everything from an enormous building to the smallest back garden barbeque. They are a basic commodity which will never go out of style. You’re not making a here today gone next week item. Should you manufacture concrete floor blocks your product is always in demand. You can find buyers everywhere in North America in addition to fact around the world. concrete blocks

Concrete products are heavy and travel costs, to distant spots, are high. That is why a local manufacturer has a great advantage over someone further away. Savings in transportation costs translate into very competitive pricing. In the event that in addition you are a tiny one man procedure, working from your storage area, you have no personnel to pay and no rent for your areas. You can have lower priced products than your rivals but still do very well. 

If you want a great business, which you can start with a very low investment, you will find concrete floor block making to be a fine opportunity. You can start in your garage, using hand made molds, for as little as a few 100 dollars. When business needs it you can increase, by using a home built solid block making machine, to turn out hundreds of blocks per day.

The sole things needed to get a start are plywood and a few sheet material to choose a molds. Programs are readily available, with instructions, to show how this is done. In addition you will need the standard materials, Portland concrete, sand, gravel and drinking water. You can aquire all of these materials locally in your timber yard.

After constructing the number of molds you want, you simply load them with the solid mixture and turn the blocks out to dried out. One man can quite readily make 100 hindrances every day using hand forms. When business grows you will want to make more blocks and a concrete block making machine will be necessary.

Commercial made cement block making machines are expensive. In the event you have the amount of money go ahead and buy one. It will spend on itself with the greatly increased productivity you is capable of. Yet there is another way. You may build your own concrete block making machine. Plans are around for building a very good machine using used vehicle parts and sheet material. Some welding is needed but a local welded shop will do this if you cannot.

Making your own machine is not really difficult if you have a little mechanical skill. You can make a machine that can turn away 800 blocks every day. A smaller hand operated machine may also be built which is quite basic will change out 200 blocks every working day. You will probably need some help at this stage to work the machine efficiently. In addition you require storage space to dry the hindrances.

Concrete blocks are your basic product but you can also make solid garden ornaments, patio slabs, birdbaths, sundials, garden furniture and many other products which sell very well. Plans with complete instructions are available for most of these items. Your small business, begun in your car port or driveway, can soon become a large, and very profitable, enterprise.