Making a Victorian Business Card Holder

Variety option that an Even victorian business card holder, when you are taking a look at adding that soft, classy feel to your office? You are able to keep a Victorian business cards holder in your place of work, or carry it along with you too. This kind of kind of a business card is very easy to make, and you will make one for yourself as well. The tradition of Victorian business cards will go back to the Even victorian period, mainly because it was a tradition to give out phoning cards to those neighborhood friends, families, and friends which people used to visit.

Everyone in the family had their own greeting card, back then. During those days, it was an area of the custom to announce the arrival of a new born by means of a calling card. The cards back then were decorative too, with a dash of feminine touch, and a relatively good floral details. Having a business card these times is essential for your business. You can make Even victorian card holders from a Victorian tea cup. The Victorian craft ideas are unique, and artistic, and can be offer good use when you are making business card owners for storing your credit cards. Outlined below are the steps for making Even victorian card holders on your own. soft touch business cards

To commence with, you need to get hold of an classic saucer and tea glass. This should not cost you much, provided you retain your eyes available to grab a nice, artistically designed saucer and cup at your local retailer-store. The next step is to create your own container. To do this, you are able to use flowery gum or a two part epoxy. What you should do is, attach the tea cup strongly to the saucer. Then, let it dried out. If you are by using a two part epoxy, then the cup and saucer would be glued highly, and it might be a long lasting thing. If you do not need this on an everlasting basis, then you can use floral gum to stick up the saucer to the cup, as floral gum would cause a non permanent bonding. 

After the cup and the saucer have been stuck, you need to select flower moss, along with your personal selection of dried plants, or dried flowers in such colors so that it coordinates well with the pattern that you have on your teacup and saucer. After this, attach the flowers and the moss that get selected. Then, by means of a hot stuff gun, stick up a layer of floral tree so that it provides a bed sort of a platform for the dried flowers you have received. Once this is performed, start attaching the dried blossoms on top of the bed of moss in a design that you would like it to be. Let your creative juices flow here! Work with as much of design as possible. You can put small ribbon carnations, rose buds, dried solide, small silk flowers, and whatever else your creativeness and artistic sense enables!