Maya Student Discounts – Where to Find the Best Student Discounts For Maya Unlimited

The Maya Unlimited 3D software from Autodesk is not only the industry standard these days but progressively popular and available to students, educators, faculty personnel, and institutions. student discount

There are significant Maya student special discounts (over 90%) and cost savings to be had, not only on the college student version itself, but also on the full commercial version down the line.

Maya College student Discounts – How much? 

For individuals there are often 2 different price items with regards to the license you want to acquire – a 13 month license being just shy of $200 and a perpetual license at only under $400. It clearly is determined by your current situation nevertheless the longer perpetual certificate computes at far better value. Yet , the 13 month license might be right for you if you are in your final season at school and only want it for that year.

What Autodesk have also done now with their Maya Student Model is bundle it with a lot of other high-end cartoon, modelling and compositing software programs, which is known as the “Maya Student Release Superpack”.

The Superpack is pretty much a complete suite of tools and includes student versions of Motionbuilder (animation), Mudbox (organic modelling tool), and Toxik (compositing). Since Autodesk has been buying up a lot of other 3d images software companies recently, it great to see that they are passing the benefits associated with this to students and educators as great student discounts on other software packages. The Internet Student Edition Superpack is the same price as the Maya student version on its own (i. e. $200 or $400), so this is very great value and an enormous discount.

Note however, that the Superpack softwares are COMPUTER based and will not work on a Mac pc… the Maya student release also comes in a PC or Mac version however so that’s good.

Maya College student Discounts On Commercial Update

Therefore, not only do students get great savings on the Maya educational version, nevertheless they also meet the criteria for a sizable discount on the commercial version if they choose to update at a later particular date. This student discount can often reduce the price for the Maya Endless commercial version from around $6000 to about $2500 – which is over 50% off and even cheaper than buying Internet Complete.