Perfect Time for Winter Tyres

Winter months months are pretty much on us now. You can feel it in the air and see it in the weather. So now (the month of October) is the perfect time to get those winter tyres installed onto your car. In the event that you are still unconvinced by the need for them, you only have to cast your storage back less than a year. If the big deep freeze gripped great britain and left many motorists in dangerous conditions, the utilization of winter tyres – although would not have helped every situation – would have recently been of a great profit to the majority of road users. compare tyres

Why? Very well, winter tyres are constructed with a special rubber compound. As opposed to the rubber compound used in the making of summer tyres, winter tyres do not harden in temperatures below seven degrees C. This gives them a far greater degree of grip in the winter weeks. 

When you think it through, you wouldn’t go out when the snow has fallen and the ground is frozen putting on the flip flops you bought for your summer holiday when the weather was nice would you? No, you’d wear a decent pair of shoes that were appropriate for dealing with the winter conditions. It can the same with tires.

In case you are worried about the costs, you should have surf around on the internet. You will find that many online tyre retailers are able to save you up to 40% off the price of the high road fast fits.

In icing conditions, a summer tyre will – on average – take at least an extra 8 metre distances before it comes to a complete stop compared to a winter tyre – that is two more car lengths. I wanted to leave it on that to give you a visual perspective. Winter season tyres can significantly lower your chances of being associated with a road traffic accident throughout the winter a few months.

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