Prayer For Financial Empowerment: How to Pray, What to Say

Various readers ask the multi-question: Will prayer pay the mortgage? Heal the deadly disease? Transform the poisonous relationship? Salvage lost opportunity? Recover wasted time? prayer for financial help

The solution is that when you understand prayer as an intentionally emotionalized outpouring of energy, you understand that a consciously emotionalized outpouring of energy has the durability to magnetize to it an incoming corresponding result-an answering energy that fits the consciously emotionalized outpouring. 

The potency of prayer is that prayer is definitely a real cause producing very real result. To be in plea is to be at cause, or be training, or acting with, ability.

Of course, not every highly emotionalized outgoing energy is prayer. An angry episode, screaming rant, or teary meltdown may certainly be characterized as a ‘highly emotionalized outpouring of energy’ yet hardly precisely what is defined here as prayer.

Prayer is mindful, consciously intended, and is evidence of relationship. Marriage with Whom or What is determined by the reader’s idea of GOD, Source, One-That-Is-All.

No energy will be wasted here attempting to convince or convert. Keen seekers in financial problems may ensure that you prove the principle of prayer, or not.

THE ALMIGHTY, Source, One-That-Is-All, operates, with or without individual opinion, or permission.

And where does belief come from? The Biblical answer is that faith comes by hearing (Romans 10: 17). A similar answer is that belief comes by, through, and from repeated exposure to a thought, concept, or idea.

Search your own experience for reference, and you’ll no doubt recall a predicament in which repeated exposure to a specific thing brought about opinion in, or emotion about, that thing: the repeated impressions or ‘programming’ about you that you received as a child. The habit you ‘picked up’. The improbable relationship that developed between two people in spite of one at first having a strong aversion to the other.

Repeated exposure to a thing has the electricity to cultivate a change or conversion in perception, habit or emotion about that thing.

Yet even with belief, how does indeed only human develop an actual ‘relationship’ with what is Divine?

Just as that, as humans, we develop other relationships, be they with people, animals, pursuits, or things: spending Period, getting through a particular Time, event or Life time together. Communicating. Expressing feelings-whether that expression is inside, or through spoken words, or externalized through activities.

We communicate with the Divine through prayer. Via feelings. And the more Time we spend praying, the more aware or conscious we become of connection to Source, romance with Source, and-through that connection-of our ability to call what we want into our lives.

The power to cultivate the habit of prayer is your power to develop also awareness of marriage with real and reactive Electricity is greater than you, or your restrictions.

But how exactly does one hope to find the desired effect?

For the goal of answering the question posed by this article-how to pray, what to say-the way to hope is without letup, constantly and consistently, with powerful, consciously emotionalized energy.