Riots and Protests Around the World Considered

Whenever we look at all the protests and riots around the world it seems that humans really like to find yourself in big groups and go crazy; thus, the famous line; “beware of the mass mobs, very well sounds like some very decent advice doesn’t it? Indeed, I remember the LA Riots and really we were holding much Worse than those I could see in Tehran. free riot points

And I actually also realize that if unemployment keeps up and large metro areas are at a flash point, we could see more riots like that in the future. Additionally, with a populist (some say activist) president, it could easily happen here in the US, maybe not protesting due to selection fraud but perhaps over economical issues. Naturally, the flash points in Usa did have somewhat to do with the poor state of the overall economy there currently. 

Truth is, and I saw the people in the TV in Tehran, and so they sure seemed like Americans out there in the streets. And yet, if we acquired protestors in LA, and they started burning products, triggering problems, the “riot police” could have come away to control them right?

During the World Lender Summits, G8, G20, there are protestors doing excessive stuff, and the government bodies crack down on them, just like they were doing in Tehran and throughout the Iranian nation-state. Riots and protests happen around the globe when groups of folks unite like that.

Zero one knows who taken that girl throughout the protests in Iran, it may have been someone from a roof top. Who? For what reason? Was it police, an enraged fundamentalist supporting the status quo who found a girl without mind dress in pants rather than a Burka? Was it staged, was it real, who shot her, who pulled the trigger?

Useless to say, these kind of incidents will certainly become more common in the future, in every nations, and we are going to have should be expected them. Some riots sometimes like Iran, will be for a just cause, some riots elsewhere could be merely misguided conspiracy theory theorists, or folks taken care of a foreign nation within another. Please consider all this.