Sailing Charter: 12 Super BVI Snorkeling Spots

There is also a reason cruisers refer to the British Virgin Of the islands as, “Nature’s Little Secrets. ” The BVI sequence contains a stunning variety of islands ranging from the coral atoll of Anegada with its unlimited white sand beaches to the key island of Tortola having its emerald green mountain range. You will find the spectacular big chunks of rock of Virgin Gorda and the friendly quaint community on Jost Van Fag, combined with the diversity and privacy of some other island destinations and cays. Each island has its unique attraction and attractions, offering visitors on a sailing rental an infinite range of experiences, but the amazing world of color and flourishing life lies just beneath the surface of the turquoise waters surrounding these islands. athens trips

One of the easiest ways to explore this warm underwater paradisepoker, with its outstanding awareness, healthy coral, vibrant reefs and abundant fish foule, is by snorkeling. Accurately what is most wonderful about snorkeling is that it is easy. You cannot find any heavy gear; no need for special lessons and it is well suited for all ages- from school children to grandparents. Whether cycling from shore, slipping over the side of your dinghy, or perhaps jumping off the transom of your sailing charter, grab a mask, snorkel and a pair of fins and explore the underwater world of the BVI. In the event you do not bring your own equipment, many sailing charter bases provides it to you for a nominal fee. 

The British Virgin Islands are known as one of the better going and cruising areas in the world. They are also acknowledged as one of the top dive and snorkel destinations. With the many options, it is practically impossible to explore the plethora of under the sea sites in a standard you to 2 week boating charter. Therefore, following are twelve of my favorite snorkeling spots. All are well suited for the complete family, from novice to experienced snorkeler. In order to protect the coral beds, each of these sites have mooring buoys available from either the National Park systems Trust or Moor Seacure.

Leinster Bay

Although located on the north seacoast of St. John, USVI, this bay is a fairly easy sail from Tortola, however, make sure you check in with Customs if you are coming from the BVI. This well protected, idyllic bay has Watermelon Cay on one end and the Annaberg Sugar Generator ruins on the south west corner. Land your shabby on the sandy beach, along with making sure it is well secured, snorkelling along the shore and out toward Watermelon Cay. The grass flats right off shore are home to sea horses and a variety of hamlets. Follow the rocky coast towards the Cay. Universities of grunts, trunkfish, flounder and parrotfish call the reef home. On one occasion, we came across a field of around 75 rusty orange sea celebrities. On another trip, we had the joy of snorkeling alongside sea frogs and rays, as well as coming face to face with a moray eel. The bay is very calm and so simply perfect for the novice snorkeler on a sailing charter.

The Bight

The main chuck on Norman Island is the Bight, an extremely well-sheltered anchorage popular with many sailing charterers. Superb snorkeling exists on the reef at the far eastern end of the have, just south of the beach. Tie up at the Pirates’ dinghy pier and walk a brief distance over the beach just past the surprise shop. The reef over the rocky outcrop is amazingly healthy and it expands array yards. Floating quietly over this garden of sea fans, sponges, parrotfish, wrasse, elk horn and brain corals is a delightful summary of the BVI’s underwater community. We all recently spend practically 20 minutes hovering over the institution of reef squid totally intrigued by their prehistoric appearance.