Sea Salt Cleanse Basics

For anyone who is enthusiastic about undergoing an internal cleansing routine, you may have heard about performing a sea salt cleanse. But what are these claims and how do you do it?

Various holistic health experts recommend a cleanse for those experience digestive problems. Ostensibly, a cleanse will help you remove accumulated waste products, toxins and parasites from your digestive system. Various prefer doing a detox naturally using sea sodium rather than using harsh chemical substance laxatives. sea salt cleanse

If you determine to perform a sea sodium cleanse, it is important to utilize a natural form of salt for the cleanse – not regular table salt. Celtic sea salt is the most preferred choice of many. You should also ideally do the cleanse first thing the next day, and allow yourself enough time for the cleanse to work before having to leave the house (usually at least one hour). When the sea salt cleanse commences to do its work, functions fast! 

To create the salt water purifying flush, add 2 tablespoon (not Tablespoons! ) to 32 ounces of drinking water. Many find that it’s prudent if the water is slightly warm. Mix well. You must then drink the mixture as quickly as possible, ideally within a few minutes. The first couple of times you drink the blend, you might find it very difficult to drink everything or keep it down, but you need to understand that the combination will become better to drink and tolerate over time. Many who do a salt cleansing routine regularly, also suggest you take into account consuming an herbal laxative tea the night before the cleanse, such as Senna Leaf tea.