Sell Beats Online – Give The People What They Want

The main factor in making big money from making sounds is one you might not like. Actually it can the one which took me some time to modify to. That factor is making beats that the SPECIALIST WANT.

I’m not stating don’t make beats you enjoy making, but for make big money with them online you need to make beats designer want. I’ve always got my own style, but I had to adjust other styles in order to make money. Type Beats

You need to remember you are jogging a company. Do businesses sell the particular owner wants or the particular customer wants?

Rest out of that way of thinking (If you’re in it) that you are making beats for “you”. If perhaps that’s the case a person worry about ever earning profits with them. 

I use to frown after other producers when I would see them making music saying “Lil Jon type beat”, or “Dr. Dre type beat”. I always thought it was better to be original if I wanted to make it in the game. That is true, but not if I desired to make lots of cake selling beats online.

The secret is making simple beats that are hot “right now”. We remember when Lil Jon held the airwaves slave shackled. Every body wanted a beat by lil Jon. So what on earth the smart makers did was swallow their pride and make a bunch of Lil Jon knockoffs. We made a killing.

See most total producers were talking into us. Saying things like “Oh you need to be original”, and “You’re not going to make it hanging around copying other producers”.

If they only knew i was giggling all the way to the bank. While they were “Shopping” their original beats praying for a placement, we were making thousands per week just leasing these beats. The best part is these beats took 10 minutes to make at most.

I’d take an 808 kick, 808 clap, whistle, and a trance keyboards then make a quick banger. Honestly the sounds weren’t that good i believe, nevertheless they had bounce. First and foremost the up and arriving rappers wanted them.

No longer get me wrong My spouse and i leased some of my original beats over and over and make some good money, however the the greater part of the money came up from the knock offs.

What you need to do is turn on your radio, switch your channel to BET, and find out what is hot right now. Locate out the sort of beats that are popular right now.

If you hate commercial music and think the “Stupid”, that’s your personal opinion. The cold hard reality is you won’t make much money that way. There just isn’t an industry for those types of beats. You just have to deal with it if you need to sell beats online.