Take 2 Beers and Jump! Musicians and Music Artists Are Angry Over Music Streaming Site Agendas

Various Internet music sites decide to make huge profits by paying musicians and music performers almost nothing, for what is termed “music loading. ” Paying subscribers at these sites ought to pay attention “free” to all the songs they wish to stream. free musically followers 2018

Musicians and specific artists are toiling their lives away, devoting important time to create music, only to have it employed by these giant “streaming” sites, who would have the public believe these musicians and artists are being paid. The truth is, Rhapsody and Napster spend on buffering at about an any amount of money per song, yet both sites continue to demand the public their website’s full price for each and every music streamed, by offering this “free” music as part of their monthly paid subscriptions. 

Imagine working 50 percent of a lifetime for nearly nothing. Thousands of musicians and music designers are victims who may be unaware of unjust practices dominated by money grubbing music streaming sites. What appears to be the case for many musicians and designers who place their music with certain web sites, is as follows: Artists and artists sign-up so as to have their songs downloaded. Yet, some download sites have become including music streaming, with no artist’s actual permission. This implies a loss of down load earnings when music is streamed, while bands and solo performers are only paid a cent (or less) per song streamed.

This kind of article had to be written to inform the music streaming public, who should strongly object to how streaming funds are distributed. It is time musicians and artists commence to receive their good share of the payments collected, even though by paying a reasonable share, the music streaming sites stand to lose some of their ill-gained huge income.

Why hasn’t the music industry, including publishers, and others, especially record brands, taken steps to become involved in stopping this streaming fiasco?

It is an outrage that some years ago, the group, Metallica, had to take action in their own behalf against Napster to prevent them from offering the band’s and other artist’s songs away totally free. Is this a circumstance of, ‘here we go again? ‘

Speaking for thousands of artists, performers and songwriters, action relating to unfair streaming should be taken immediately by the executives in charge of distribution of music streaming funds.