Tee Shirts – Different Styles

T-shirts are more popular than they ever were before. That they may have the unique ability to present your persona through the image drawn on your breasts or through the use of different colours. Recently different styles have recently been made including polo first tee shirts to Y throat tee shirts. There are so many different designs, that everyone is crafted for, further more each type of tee shirt has its own style of design, with this in mind there is an unlimited amount of choices of styles and designs, meaning everyone’s style is available.¬†Simply Southern Tees

There are various tee tops styles. Firstly there something called the V throat. This style is so popular at the instant between men as the V exaggerates the breasts size, so that it is appear it is bigger. The style pattern at the moment reflects the laid back, everyday look. This is exactly why V throat tee shirts are demonstrating to be popular. They will are everyday yet smart and are usually fixed, that makes the man physic appear very physical. The idea that these tee shirt make you look bigger, creates réflexion that you are beautiful and that women will find you attractive.

This kind of can be seen with the Y neck tops, which are brand new to the fashion industry that is set for taking over V neck tees. Con necks are similar to V necks, however usually have buttons. These switches make the t-shirt seem to be more formal and reasonable, yet still hold on to the connotations of being laid back. Once again like the V necks they are usually made fitted in so that it will show off the male body.

Polo tee shirts are popular and are recognized as very formal in regards to it being a t-shirt. They are usually worn in the summer at the job in many cases however, can even be worn casually. The polo look like more formal then other tee shirts because they have a collar and buttons. These are incredibly trendy at the moment and work alongside the trendy casual, laid back look which is so popular at the moment

Different tee shirts styles have buckles and pockets made on the shoulders and back, in order to develop different style of t-shirts. This really is proving to be popular as these new styles are moving away from standard tee tops, searching different from the crowd you stand away and therefore creating your own fashion sense.

Coming from taking a look at these examples of different tees it is possible to see a standard trend has been placed, which is the built in t-shirt. The idea of wearing tight fitting tee shirt, jersey give off the look that you are built and strong, which a lot of women want in a man, that is why fashion designers design the tee shirts to look like this.