The Best Punching Bag Workouts to Get Ripped

Exercising with a punching tote, is one of the better varieties of workouts you can do. It will improve your power, agility, and stamina. This meshes together cardio and weight training all in one. It’s an total killer on parts of your muscles and great for your center. Here is a great routine to test out, while you train on your striking bag.¬†best punching bag

Top Heavy Handbag Workouts

The good thing about huge bag, is its heavy. It allows you to work the muscles and build strength up. Striking the bag constantly will work your bronchi and heart. Follow this workout, to get you into fighting shape 

Hard Jabs

Reps: 10 each arm, without having rest in between

Hit the tote with a hard jab, alternate arms after each jab.


Reps: 15 each knee, with no rest in between

Carry the bag in a Muay Thai clinch, and drive your knee into the bag, do one leg at a time.


Reps: 10 each arm, without rest in between

Hit the handbag with hooks, alternate hands after each hook, chuck hooks as fast as you can with good form.

High Kicks

Repetitions: 10 each leg, with no rest in between

Kick the bag with high kicks about the belly and head area. Stage back and kick.


Reps: 10 each provide, with no rest in between

Continuously uppercut the bag.

Low Kicks

Repetitions: 10 each leg, with no rest between

Reach the bag with leg techinques, lower body shots are what you should strive for.

Punching bag routines are far more fun than hitting up a cardio machine. How do you think fighters get in condition so easily, they use their entire body and use all their muscles. By hitting a heavy bag regularly, you will force your system to become a fat using up machine. Important a clinging or freestanding bag and get to sweating.

The key reason why these workouts burn a lot more fat than regular exercises, is because it is intensity and you have resistance. Combining both the makes for a high period, intensity workout. These types of workouts raise your metabolism and it makes your body use-up more calories throughout the day.