The Growth in People Powered 24 News and Breaking News Internet Websites

There are similar websites / principles but these were structured on earlier technologies, typically the mobile phone using MMS, they could never provide the comprehensive service now made available from the more recent technology Internet news sites.

Cellphone Technology

Whilst mobile phones were successful for sending news and pictures, for example the Tsunami in Thailand, the mobile phone network often are not able to cope with the quantity of traffic during this kind of event. Networks were overwhelmed with people trying to mInline image 1bile phone family and friends to see if they were safe.

On a very time of the London Bombings, mobile phone networks were not able to cope and the situation was performed worse by people constantly pressing re-dial.

Phone systems expect a certain amount of traffic based on the number of men and women who have subscribed to that network; the internet works on a different sort of principle and so does not end to function successfully during a moments of increased communication.

Breaking Media

The speed at which emptying news hits the internet can not be bettered as it only takes few a minutes for an end user / reporter to deliver news in 3 easy ways: –

1. Click to publish & report news

sequel payments on your Add more videos, photographs & tags

3. Login or store to submit

Coverage associated with an UK based Internet Information Website is typically: –

London and the South west
N Ireland
North East
North West
South West
European and World Insurance coverage.