Thinking of Buying a Second-hand Piano Privately?

A huge selection of second-hand pianos change hands privately every year. Simply a mall number are in good playing condition. We realize for buying second-hand pianos and preparing them for resale is an important part of our business. Of the many pianos offered to all of us we actually buy fewer than one out of ten of them – many every one needs work on it to a greater or less extent synth repair shop

When buying keyboard it is important to remember two things.

Pianos are not all of the same quality.

Ahead of 1914, in the growth years of piano sales, huge numbers were made in small workshops to gratify the demand for cheap pianos. These were of poor quality when new and hundreds are still around, several generations later, in dreadful condition.

Right now there were some excellent pianos made in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Vehicle sixty, 70, 80, years of age – practically old age in the lifetime of a piano. In the event they have been well maintained during their life they could be good instruments, but if they are yet to been neglected or mistreated they are tired, second rate pianos.

Some will be “the family heirloom” exceeded down through several ages, much loved but often unplayed and neglected. Many of these pianos may have emotional value to their owners however true worth, as a playing piano, may be nil.

Pianos do not endure forever
A piano is made up of around 5000 parts many of which move. Although enormously strong and heavy it is very complicated and sensitive to damp, dryness, changes in temperature, deterioration and overlook.

A good piano, well maintained, has quite similar useful lifespan as a person – few are in great condition after 80 years! Do not forget that the piano you buy being the only one you ever buy so look for the youngest and best quality instrument you can find.

So What Do i need to Seem For In A Second-hand Piano?
Very few people have any technical knowledge about pianos. The list below will give you an idea of a few of the problems often found in second-hand pianos.

Adhering keys or hammers
This kind of is usually the effect of being in a damp atmosphere. The experienced absorbs moisture, swells and movement is restricted. If perhaps one or two remarks are sticking it can be possible to ease them. If perhaps lots are sticking the action (i. e. the moving parts inside the piano) probably should be dismantled and rebuilt. Pricey!