Valentines Day: Its History and Celebrations


Celebrated on February 14 consistently, Saint Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day is the conventional day on which darlings pass on their adoration to each other by sending Valentine’s cards, now and then even namelessly. The most well-known element of Valentines Day nowadays is the common trade of adoration notes as “valentines”. Well known Valentine images of present day times incorporate the heart-formed framework and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the nineteenth century, mass delivered welcoming cards have to a great extent supplanted written by hand notes. It is trusted that almost one billion Valentines Day cards are sent every year around the world, making it just the second biggest card-sending occasion alongside Christmas. Ladies are accepted to buy roughly 85 percent of all “valentines”. Happy Valentines Day SMS 

Stories of numerous Valentines

Conclusions contrast about who St Valentine was. Early martyrologies say no less than three St Valentines under the date of 14 February. One is a cleric at Rome, another a Bishop of Interamna (now Terni in Italy) and the other lived and kicked the bucket in Africa. Some, notwithstanding, are of the supposition that the initial two are a similar individual.

It is, in any case, generally trusted that Valentine’s Day has maybe begun from the old Roman devour of Lupercalia. A celebration was hung on February 15 to pay tribute to one of their divine beings Lupercus, who was called upon by the Romans to avert the dangers of those savage wolves that wandered the adjoining timberlands. On the eve of the celebration of Lupercalia, an affection lottery was composed in which the names of Roman young ladies were composed on pieces of paper and set into containers. Every young fellow at that point drew a slip and the young lady whose name he got was to be his sweetheart for the year.

The occasion in this manner turned into Valentine’s Day after a minister named Valentine. Around then when Christianity was as yet another religion, Valentine was a cleric in Rome. The then Emperor Claudius II, had issued a request disallowing the Roman fighters to wed or wind up plainly locked in. The ruler trusted that once they got hitched, his officers would need to remain home instead of battle his wars. Valentine resisted the Emperor’s announcement and furtively wedded the youthful couples. He was at long last captured, detained, and guillotined on February 14, the eve of Lupercalia. Valentine was after death named a holy person. As Christianity became more grounded in Rome, the clerics moved the Lupercalia or spring occasion from February 15 to February 14, i.e., Valentine’s Day. From that point forward the occasion started regarding Saint Valentine rather than Lupercus.

“From your Valentine”

As per another story, Valentine was one of the early Christians who was seized and dragged before the Prefect of Rome and imprisoned for helping some Christian saints. He cured the jailor’s little girl of visual impairment while in prison. At the point when the sovereign scholarly of this supernatural occurrence he requested the decapitation of Valentine. Valentine is said to have sent the jailor’s little girl a goodbye message marked, “From your Valentine”.

In 1969, as a major aspect of a bigger push to lessen the quantity of holy person days of simply amazing starting point, the Church evacuated St. Valentine’s Day as an official occasion from its timetable. At introduce, February 14 is committed just to Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius.