Who Needs Independent Financial Advice?

Indie financial advice is needed by anyone wanting to ensure that their hard-won money works its toughest for them. You will discover good ways and there are not such good ways, there are efficient means and less efficient way of literally getting the best value for cash – and independent financial advice will point you in the direction of the best routes and the best lending options available. Boatman Financial

Britain has one of the most developed and advanced financial services sectors in the world. This really is great news for the consumer, naturally, but it does mean that there exists a positively bewildering array of different financial products on the market. Independent financial advice will help to be sure that you are choosing not the particular best, but also the most well suited for your particular needs. 

Savings and investment

If you need to make the almost all of your savings and opportunities, for example, do you know where to start? Can you pick your way through the maze of unit trusts, individual cost savings accounts (ISAs), Open-ended Purchase Companies (OEICs), investment an actual, inshore or offshore assets, or ethical investments? Might you know where to go for reliable stock broking or comprehensive savings programs? The choices are almost overwhelming and this is the point at which you would want a well-informed, qualified and individually expert adviser to step in and advise you of the pros and cons of each.

Retirement benefits

One of the main areas of development and sophistication has been that of pensions planning. When again, independent financial advice will be important to guaranteeing that you make the almost all of your money for the longest possible time. Whether it is advice and guidance on personal pensions, annuities or budget on retirement, consultation with an experienced will pay returns.

Personal finances, protection and insurance

In the current uncertain economical climate most people want to make certain that many penny counts. Independent financial advice is essential to the best management of your own personal finances and that of your loved ones. In the field of personal and family insurance, for occasion, there exists already a huge range of products to choose from – and the choice is growing all the time. If your interest is in insurance coverage, critical or serious illness insurance, health insurance, or endowments, independent expert advice will be needed to make certain you and completely understand what you are buying, but that you have chosen the best cover for you and your family’s needs.

Even though sound, independent financial advice might have helped you to manage your financial obligations in a sound and stable way in the past, if problems have begun to appear or debts seem to be to be getting unmanageable, then advice can be given on financial debt consolidation or other debts management solutions.


An entire field of independent financial advice is also available to the people looking for help in acquiring the right mortgage loan. Today’s mortgage market, of course, is something of a minefield and expert advice is needed to tread a and self-confident path through the available offerings and choices between repayment, fixed interest, interest-only, endowment and pension home loans (to name but a few).