Why Do So Many College Research Projects Study Things We Already Know?

Alright so, as someone who runs a think container which happens to operate online, I spend much of my day serving over the science media, research journals, and the latest in research and development. The one thing that always concerns me and it is generally when I read a press release from some college or university or university which has a new newspaper which just turned out, is that; they keep doing studies on things that we know as a society – things which are common sense, and this to me seems like a waste of money. Okay so let’s discuss shall we? monografis funciona

You observe, I actually realize the colleges research for things they can get funded, and things which are too complicated or areas of research which are not well understood often obtaining the funding, perhaps because our politicians and decision-makers usually are necessarily the sharpest tacks. Further, I am slightly dismayed that we not necessarily challenging our school students and grad students enough. We need to have them working on the latest and greatest science, and looking to make breakthroughs. In the event they continually study and do research on things we already know about, that will not help the forwards progression of mankind.

Sure, one could say it is a learning experience, in addition to learn how to research before we let these hottest grad students work with the important things. Whereas I know this theory, and We also wish to make certain that we can trust the integrity of those working teams, I still think is actually a waste pounds. For what reason should I as a taxpayer be funding studies which will only verify something that has recently been pre-confirmed and duplicated hundreds of times before, if not thousands of times surrounding the planet?

If we really value innovation and the future, then we need to press on and challenge our research scientists. Not only a day should go by where I no longer read at least twelve articles from technology information which have totally lost my time, told me personally things I already recognized, most of which is common sense. Which is a waste of digital space, a waste material of my time, and we could much better utilizing this talent to take to do great things. We are holding them back, and the individuals race in the act. There is no honor in that, in fact it is a waste of taxpayer’s money in my simple view after observing this reality for over 31 years. Please consider all this and think upon it.