Why Fear Laws When You Can Make Them Your Friend?

High priced universal truth that human being civilization always needs a ruler. Without a leader, no civilization can can be found. Even the greatest world breaks, when the leader becomes weak. A persons creatures had been ruled by every possible being in the past. They’ve recently been ruled by kings, a queen, dictators, Bishops, Priests, Prophets, dacoits, thugs, communists or elected representatives. Yet all the rulers had recently been people whom we could know and identify. Doug Newborn

The modern world is dominated by Laws rather than people. Most civilized nations are very proud of claiming that they have the rule of rules rather than the rule of any individual. Laws have become so supreme that even the real rulers like Presidents and Leading Ministers are supposed to be subordinate to it. Thomas Fuller, a terminology churchman and historian deservingly expressed the ethos of rule of law in the following words

“Be you ever so high, the law is above you”.
Law is considered inhuman as it can be written in words and codified in the legislation books. It gives a sense to the citizen that everyone is equal before the law, be it the President/ Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of a country or an ordinary person. Very good people respect laws as they believe the laws and regulations are created for the benefit for the society while the criminals break the regulations to make fortune for themselves.

Yet everyone endures in the hands of law which may not be seen or heard. Laws have become like a jail that is suffocating the modern man. There is hardly any act of joy or happiness that is not prohibited by one law or other. Hence what the law states abiders lose happiness as they have nothing to enjoy by using the law while the law breakers lose pleasure since they always dread that the long palm of laws can capture them and punish them.

It is a great ignorance of human creatures to treat laws as an innate object that falls short of human qualities. In actuality, laws are like any other human being along with your relationships with law will depend on after your understanding of what the law states. Let us discuss the human attributes of laws.

Law is a Friend

Most of the people abide the laws particularly in developed countries as they find laws friendly and useful to the society. They will know that if everyone follows the law, the society would become much better and happy. In the event that you abide laws, you shall find law otherwise you friend which shall always help you in having a happy life.