Writing an Ebook – How Much Should It Sell For and How Long Should It Be?

Is actually hard to tell which question I get more often. Simply how much should My spouse and i sell my eBook for? How long should my eBook be? Monografias Prontas

The problem of course is that answering those questions randomly is impossibly. The extensive brush approach just will not work. 

Instead, you may need to answer them yourself.

The things i can do however, is help you by giving you some of the background information you need to determine those answer yourself.

So discussing start with the easiest part. How long should your eBook be?

Usually eBooks fit into two distinct groups. In both cases, eBooks were much shorter than a traditional printed book because reading on my computer is so hard.

The first group were the short monograph eBooks. Pamphlets really. These were sold as eBooks but were actually more report than eBook. They can average around 20 pages and sometimes less.

The second group were valid eBooks in every single sense of the expression. These were generally at the very short end of the executive book range. These books would run anywhere from fifty web pages to one hundred internet pages. Occasionally they might even exceed one hundred webpages.

The entry of the eBook readers and the major booksellers has shaken up the market. Classic printed books are now being released as e-books. As a result there are a number of adjustments in the sizing of eBooks. While traditionally size eBooks are still available, their days are figures. eBooks are increasingly being pressured to be the same size as a published publication.

What that means is that eBooks are being pushed upwards in proportions. The short monograph has quit to be being called an eBook — it can now usually described as a report. While a fifty page eBook is acceptable it is considered to be short. Possibly one hundred pages should be thought about as short. Instead the guide author should target their book to maintain the 100 to 200 site range. A traditional full-time length book is typically about 150 pages to 300 pages. So it is likely the main one 100 to two hundred webpage range will be satisfactory for some time to come.

Just how much should an eBook sell for?

Traditionally there were two pricing schemes for information products. One was based on the book itself. These types of were usually the brief monograph books and often sold for either $7, $17 or $19.

The second was based on the concept that the book was actually a statement of the system being purchased. And what you were purchasing was the system. These eBooks typically were in the much longer range of fifty to just one hundred pages or more. These books would be priced typically in the $97 or $197 runs although some could be found at the $27 or $47 price point.

Yet , with the access of the major booksellers the price for information products has dropped considerably. The standard publishers have determined which a normal book should full between $10 and $15. This is roughly 50 percent greater than the booksellers established. Prices of less than $5 are generally not unusual.