“Yes Man” – Jim Carrey – Not Just a Movie!

Certainly Man is a movie directed by Peyton Reed with some text, a strong meaning.

If you have seen the movie you really know what Come on, man, there? s a whole world out there 24/7 but almost all of all of us are asleep or to blind to see this. Yes Man really acquired me thinking about my entire life and what I could have and didn’t do with enough time I have had so far (I? m 33). I imply some never even get to age 33 but maybe they lived a twice as fun and productive life than I actually have. yesmovies

Film production company is funny and smart but also a little get up call.

How many of you has removed through your life declaring no to things rather than even reflect over why you say the expression NO? 

Yes Man is a comedy that includes a way of discovering opportunities in your real life because it has this true message to all individuals that the word NO generates very few opportunities in our life, if you instead start saying YES to more things, things come back to you often towards a more positive way but these days and nights many are afraid of the word yes, because yes is a work and many of all of us don? t want that commitment, when you think about this for real then you know that commitment causes success, if the real actor in this movie for example Jim Carrey didn? big t have commitment he’d never played any big parts in any movie but he has said CERTAINLY to a major number of different movies to make success in almost every one of these.